Tooth Fairy IV: Not Quite Finished

I was told to come back in a week for my follow-up appointment, that there would be some swelling because there was a lot of drilling. “Anytime there is a lot of drilling there will be swelling, and we did a lot.” It should start going down in about 2 – 3 days. That was Wednesday. I tried to go to work on Friday and when my supervisor saw me she shrieked and told me to go home. “Go home now!” I tried to tough it out, but left about an hour later. By Sunday my face was still swollen and the pain was still with me. Monday morning I called the dentist and told them, “My face is still swollen, my teeth are numb, my lip is numb, my face is numb, my tongue is numb and I’m still bleeding.” She sounded surprised, told me to hold on they were going to get the doctor. When they came back, I was told the doctor said that was normal and he’d see me on Wednesday.

I went to work that day and got some sad looks of sympathy; my face was still swollen. By the time I went in on Wednesday it was still swollen and I told him everything I had before. He gave me a Zpack and told me something that did not quite set in until I got home. “Come back in a month and if it’s still not looking good, we’ll get you a referral to the oral surgeon. A month? It had already been a week and nothing improved. I was supposed to go another month to see if things were going to improve? That made absolutely no sense. So I sent an email and stated that I thought it unreasonable, unfair and unrealistic to expect someone to go through the discomfort of not being able to do regular daily activities; eating, exercising, sleeping, driving, etc. That waiting a month (from the 18th of March to 16th of April) was not going to be acceptable and I requested the referral right away.

I got a call that day saying they were going to forward my x-rays to the oral surgeon and that an appointment would be set up for me. I got the appointment it ended up being the 25th of March. When I got there and I explained to the doctor my symptoms, he did not have a single good thing to say. He told me that the numbness typically does not last as long as it had been. He also stated the numbness to my face, teeth and gums COULD last for a couple months or longer. However, the numbness to my tongue was rare and there was no telling when or if it would ever come back.


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