Say Cheese!

Honestly, I would say that my best quality is my smile. Nothing about my eyes, cheeks, face… just my smile. I’ve always liked my teeth. Even at a young age I can recall saying to myself, “Those are some nice choppers you got there.” I chipped a tooth once (which is a separate story altogether) and recall the dentist asking if I wanted it filed. I told him no, I liked the appeal of the imperfection. I probably should have had him do it, I mean who listens to a 9 year old boy? Really? All in all I’ve maintained a pretty good dental routine. I won’t get into my most recent terrifying visit to the ‘Chair of Death’, I’ll save that for another story.

Maybe though, my smile could be attributed to something else. Could it be all the diary I consumed as a kid? Perhaps that kept my teeth in such good condition? It was really a lot; I used to drink milk like a was a baby cow. Milk did not last long in our house… sorry mom. Now-a-days, I’m an almond milk kind of guy, but I still love cheese. I think that in an alternate universe I must be a cheese connoisseur who sits at tables, sampling tasty cheeses and delighting in the process. Pass the brie fool! I went to a function back in December, it was pretty informative but I came home talking about the cheese 🙂 So imagine my dismay when I learned yesterday that Kraft® Singles… sniff, wait. . . Sigh, Kraft® Singles, is not real cheese!

By the FDA’s standards, Kraft isn’t permitted to refer to Singles as “cheese” because this word indicates that a product is made with at least 51 percent real cheese. This is why the label reads “pasteurized prepared cheese product.”



Sad cheese is sad
Sad cheese is sad

How could they do this!? Less than 51% real cheese? So what’s in it!? What have I been eating all this time?!Sigh.

It certainly has me thinking though, what things are we eating that is not what we believe it to be? I recently watched a short documentary on how companies play on words and  labels in their marketing, in order to get people to buy what they’re selling (both in mind and money). I guess this is a really good example of that. This whole time we… I have been happily eating this STUFF, all the while ignorant to the fact that it was never cheese in the first place.

Something to truly think about is, will this cause me to change anything about myself? Will I change my spending/buying habits now that I have this extra piece of information? Will I pay more attention to the labels (something I probably should do anyways) of products that I buy?

What have you been duped into buying?

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