I Must Be Strange . . .


In the words of Cee-Lo:

I must be strange, is that why all of these strangers like talking to me?

I get it. People are weird. What we find normal someone else might give you the side eye for. For C'mon son!example, a couple of weeks ago while the new Secretary of Defense, Ashton Carter was being sworn in, Vice-Motha-Loving-President Biden lost his mind! While dude was on stage giving his speech, the VP was seen standing behind his wife (Carter’s), with his hands on her shoulders and then he leans in to whisper in her ear. Man!!!! It brought back memories of when Biden was photographed in a very similar situation.

I get it, everybody is weird and there is no such thing as normal. One man’s milk shake is another man’s french fry dip. C’mon son… You know you dip your fries. However, there are times when things go from weird to strange.

Side eye abounds!

While visiting a church last week, a lady came to greet me. She started with the normal formalities, “Hi how are you… What’s your name… My name is…”. However, after that it got strange; when I extended my hand to shake hers, I suddenly felt like I would never see it again. She gripped my hand with one of hers and gripped my forearm with the other. I intentionally use the word grip, because that is exactly what she was doing. Her grip tightened and released over and over up and down my arm. As if she were attempting to assess which part of my arm she was going to pick out for the butcher.

side-eyeMy eyes widened and I could feel myself pulling away from her. . . but she wouldn’t let go. A couple moments more and my fight or flight senses were likely to turn on. She finally let go. She didn’t leave though without promising to return later to give me  a hug. My friends and family all thought it was funny. It wasn’t funny! It awkard, it wasn’t weird, it was down right strange. For pulling a Biden move like that…

When she came back, she got the side eye.

What is it that people do/have done so strange they got the side eye from you?



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