Its So Cold in the ‘D’


I’d like to spend some time talking about relevant stuff. Really, I would. However, I feel like the only relevant thing that is being talked about on the news today is the Oscars (still). Well, I feel like I’ve inadvertently already talked about that. All I see on news outlets regarding that is be Neil Patrick Harris in his underwear :-/ Uh Yeah… I got enough of that in Gone Girl.

What seems to be more relevant than that is how cold it is. I mean really! It’s friggin’ cold out there. Southern states typically don’t know what to do when they see snowflakes so I guess it makes sense that a Kentucky police department issued an APB for Elsa from the Disney movie Frozen. Ohio issued an APB for Puxatony Phil (the groundhog) for ‘Misrepresenting Spring’. Interesting how soon they came to the conclusion to indite the groundhog, but not any officers involved in the shootings which have happened over the last year… sigh


It is apparently so cold, that (IRL) 85% of The Great Lakes are frozen. The record is 94% and it has only hit that number 4 times since they’ve tracked it. Interesting huh? There looks to be a debate on if it will reach that number in the coming weeks. And yet, while some records have been broken, this isn’t the coldest that I’ve ever experienced. Sunday, I went for a run, I figured 32 degrees wasn’t going to kill me… and you know what? It didn’t. I thought while I was running, at what point did adults become such punks! The news is reporting how cold it is and schools have been canceled more often than it they have been in session this year (as I’m told by a parent I work with). Yet, I can remember subzero days where I had to walk to school (from kindergarten to 5th grade) and a snow day was almost like a special treat that you only got maybe once a year. . . maybe.

Either way you swing it… It’s friggin’ cold. The worst part of this winter for me has been the switch from an office to a cubicle, a cubicle in a cold room. It’s so cold I thought about dropping a match in the trash can to start one of those barrel fires you see associated with being outside and cold. Yup, being cold in doors is a not cool at all.

What have you disliked the most about the weather?

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