My Spidey Sense Is Tingling!


Unbelievable, stupendous, exciting news!

Okay, before I even get started there is a back story, before the story. That being I don’t tend to get excited; or should I say, I don’t excite very easily. A close friend of mine is always asking me, “What do you get excited about?” Almost as if the response is going to change or if something new has developed that has altered my state of mind/being. My response is usually a shrugged shoulder. It isn’t that I don’t get excited… I’m not a complete stoic. I seem to have a vitamin E (excitement) deficiency.

The more I’m asked and the more I think about it, the truth of the matter is there is a delay in my reaction to things. I come from a life where disappointment was the expectation. Imagine a little boy being told that you’re going to get to go to your favorite place, eat your favorite food, get your favorite toy, see your favorite. . . blah, blah, blah and then it never happens. Excitement becomes this thing associated with broken promises and lies. So one would use the adage, ‘I’ll believe it when I see it.’ Therefore, the things that I likely can get excited for are things that don’t require any personal attachment (no opportunities for lies). Seeing it written in such a way is seems kind of depressing. There are certainly things that shape our existence and our early experiences in life are high on that list.

I guess you could call this idea of getting excited something that sets off my Spidey Sense… It alerts me, creates a bit of anxiety and also triggers this sense that, just like Spider-Man, I need to watch out.

So then, what do I get excited for? I’m excited to see the next Spiderman movie that Marvel will produce. Why is that? Because for the most part I get excited about things that I can control. For instance, if a movie is coming out that I really want to see… I feel that I could get excited for that because I’ll control if I’m going to see it or not.

The downside to this behavior/attribute… I don’t get excited about life events that people typically get excited about. I once tried to feign it… and everyone looked at me like, ‘That’s it? That was you being excited?!’ So yea.



3 thoughts on “My Spidey Sense Is Tingling!

  1. But if you have excitement about seemingly tangible things, doesn’t that stand the same chance of letting you down? What if after all the excitement about seeing the movie, the movie is a let down? Or is that different altogether?


  2. Wow. I really like this post. It is a little sad to see that this is what excitement is to you but I understand the need to protect yourself. We all have that in us. The need to protect ourselves from things we can’t control and our past. “Spidey-sense” is a good thing though. Maybe Marvel comics will make this amazing movie but it’s a good thing you don’t get excited… You would have to wait a whole year and it would be a drag! 🙂


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