Road Less Traveled


No one at this point believes life to be fair. If it were, Detroit would have an outstanding public transportation system. Alas, it does not and life continues to toss us around, much like the potholes of Detroit. I mean some of the potholes in ‘The D’ have zip codes of their own. These things eat small animals and brought back the concept of neighborhood pools they are so deep.

Despite the road conditions, there are times when we happen upon a road less traveled and suddenly things are a bit smoother than they were. It can happen suddenly from an unexpected turn or an old street having been re-paved. This is your opportunity to enjoy the ride. Don’t speed through it, don’t complain about how the roads were and subsequently complain about why none of the roads aren’t like the one that you’re on, and most importantly don’t be so into how you felt about the road you just got off of that you miss the one that you’re on. Because before you know it, you’ll suddenly be reminded that you’re in Detroit. You’ll feel the bumps, be shaken by the holes and thrown off course by the cracks. Just don’t let that road swallow you up, as it will inevitably do to some.


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